Mugabe does it again with the indigenisation policy

“Where are their democratic tenets? Where is their morality? Where is their compliance with the salient principles of good governance?”
(Words uttered by Robert Mugabe)
 Zimbabwe is making headlines again with the latest announcement from the now (in) famous president Robert Mugabe. Mugabe has now implemented the policy dubbed the indigenisation policy, which he claims will address imbalances, correct historical injustices, and further economically empower indigenous Zimbabweans.
Mugabe’s zeal to give power back to the indigenous African was initially admired all over the continent and the world,  but it has now grown to be some sort of obsession, that has left many puzzled by his action. He has assumed personal ownership of the country, and worse, he is willing to sacrifice his own people in order to prove himself to the rest of the world. 

The Indigenisation policy works almost the same way as the land reform policy. Foreign companies have now been ordered to sell 51% of company ownership to indigenous Zimbabweans, and more interestingly foreign companies have just over a month to report to the government as to how they plan to implement the policy.
What does Morgan Tsvangirai think about this? You guessed it right; once again Mugabe has shown that the power sharing contract is something that he does not respect. The opposition is opposed to this policy and with good reason. However, just as history as shown, opposition whether national, regional or international has never been a problem for Mugabe.
In my opinion the indigenisation policy will only further cripple Zimbabwean economy. The country is not yet economically stable, and had recently begun crawling from the political mess that has lead to its degeneration. The indigenisation policy will only make foreign investors more sceptical of Zimbabwe.  

of concern is the level of corruption and further class division brought about by the indigenous policy. who can afford to buy 51% of the companies? You guessed it right again, political leaders, my guess is mostly ZANU PF leaders. So who is really going to benefit from the policy?

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